WarCry Corporation and Crossroads Gaming Network to Merge

Independent Developer/Publisher to Join Forces With Gaming Community

Cambridge, MA (March 8, 2001) – Independent interactive entertainment publisher/developer WarCry Corporation (http://www.warcry.com) and Internet gaming community leader Crossroads Gaming Network (http://www.xrgaming.net) announced today their intent to merge.

“Community functionality will increasingly become an integral part of online game development,” said WarCry CEO Alexander Macris. “The Crossroads team are the leaders in building and maintaining game communities, and we look forward to working with them. Internet games are only as good as the communities around them.”

\’e2\’80\’9cThe gaming community has always had a role in game development. What we have always strived for is to offer the developers, independent or established, a place to find the gamers,\’e2\’80\’9d said Crossroads Network President Cody Ellsworth. \’e2\’80\’9cWe chose WarCry because they offer our gamers the ability to move to the forefront of the development process. What will drive the future of gaming is what players want.\’e2\’80\’9d

The planned merger brings together two different companies with similar goals and properties that mesh perfectly.

“WarCry’s vision is bringing together developers and gamers,” Macris said. “Whether you are an aspiring independent trying to bring your game to market, or an established game developer, WarCry will now be able to bring you closer to your audience.”

\’e2\’80\’9cThe Crossroads has always valued developer\’e2\’80\’99s and gamers\’e2\’80\’99 interaction, yet this takes us one step further,\’e2\’80\’9d Ellsworth said. \’e2\’80\’9cThe independent developer has been smothered with the costs of development lately. We are very excited to be able to work closer with game developers to build an outlet for their community. We\’e2\’80\’99re excited to be in a position to offer developers and gamers everything they need to have the game that they want.\’e2\’80\’9d

The merger is to be a stock-for-stock swap, and the goal, set in the letter of intent, is to close the deal by the end of March. WarCry will have controlling interest in the combined company, with the Crossroads Network surviving as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Crossroads will retain its management team, as well as all site managers and supporting staff. WarCry will work as a partner with the existing Crossroads staff in pursuing the company vision of fostering communities around games.

“WarCry intends to leave editorial control over the content of the Crossroads Network where it belongs: In the proven hands of the network\’e2\’80\’99s leadership and site managers,” Macris said.

In the short-term, WarCry will work to improve the infrastructure and advertising service capabilities of the existing Crossroads Network. In the long-term, the newly-merged company will leverage its strengths in online game publishing and community building to become the “crossroads of the gaming industry.”

About Crossroads Network

The Crossroads Network thrives on helping gamers and developers build the communities that make online games successful. Developers and gamers work hand in hand to produce and improve the games that they love. All are encouraged to visit the forums of any of the game titles seen on the Crossroads.

Founded late 1997, the Crossroads Network (http://www.xrgaming.net) is a privately-held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, visit the company\’e2\’80\’99s Web site at http://www.xrgaming.net or contact Stacey Roach at marduk@xrgaming.net.

About WarCry Corp.

WarCry brings together gamers and game developers, empowering developers to create, promote, and distribute their titles while allowing the gamer to be part of the process of game development. Fans are encouraged to participate in open forum with developers of the titles seen on WarCry’s Game Center.

Founded in November 1999, WarCry Corp. (http://www.warcry.com) is a privately-held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at http://www.warcry.com or contact Peter Voelzke at pvoelzke@warcry.com.

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