What was the bug this time? Doing This. There was a bug that allowed a thief with a faction sigil to turn items being worn into a bright shade of purple. A few stumbled upon this bug quite accidentally. They were not banned. A few players with accounts in good standing tried it a few times and were issued a “final warning” against bug abuse. From reports that rolled in last night, a few hundred players who used this bug hundreds of times and had a pre-existing laundry list of bug abuse, were issued walking papers.

Some will say this bug was harmless – those people are either banned for using this bug, or never participated in a faction. Without town sigils in your stronghold, you can’t control towns properly.

Remember this update? I would like to tip my hat and give a hearty “up your nose with a rubber hose” to each and every fellow faction thief who thought I was an idiot for not giving out purple items or using other exploits that allow for the safe transfer of sigils. Sure, I might not be cool to you, but you know what I’m going to be doing tonight? Playing Ultima Online. Meanwhile, you’ll be installing EverQuest or Asheron’s Call. I suggest you go with Asheron’s Call because that game seems to welcome your play-style with open arms. Regardless of what game you settle for, please call me in 2015 when you get level 50.