WE STIL FEER CHANJ. [Author: delusion]

Are you tired of watching the slow, agonizing death throes of proper English as it succumbs to injuries suffered at the train wreck of real-time media, laziness, and idiocy?

Do you flinch when you see so-called “d3wd-speak” even in jest?

When people use “ppl” for “people” and “u” for “you”, does it get on your nerves?

If you’re like me and answered yes to those questions, relax. Apparently, we’re wrong.

Retired British TV, print and radio writer Richard Wade wants us to ignore spelling rules and just type whatever sounds right.

LETS CHANJ the way we SPEL… on paper, on our mobiles, on our screens…

Freespel for comprehension, clarity and cumfert

Don’t worry if you cant be konsistent

Praktis on your mobile fone ‘I luv u…c u 2 moro…I o u $5…’

Invent new words to replace tricky ones: ‘she brings, he brought’ why not ‘she brings, he brung’?

Start NOW…tell you frends, use freespeling…GO FOR IT

That’s right, literacy, apparently, is for snobs who actually know what a semicolon is and how to use it. I’m a member of an online community where ‘freespeling’ is pretty widely practiced, and I’m here to tell you, Mr. Wade, it’s pretty goddamn ugly.