They’re here. They’re big. They won’t go away. Ad banners are swelling as dot com “companies” finally catch the snap-back that happens when you stretch a rubber corporation like an old innertube. To save our sinking ship, ad agencies promised that the bigger, more intrusive and disruptive ads will generate more viewer response and increased sales. Unfortunately, most readers are finding clever ways to defeat these uber-ads by way of script scrapping utilities and content blocking plug-ins.

“Since their inception just one month ago, the new IAB online ad standards have not yet achieved a high level of acceptance from Web sites,”

DUH. Let’s think for a minute. Websites are mostly run by creative (mostly) individuals who want to express themselves to others. Usually, this concept doesn’t involve large images that swallow up 80% of your screen. It usually consists of someone writing vast monologues about school, Pantera, and how boys can be such “retardos”. What a shocker that these folks aren’t really insterested in writing a website that serves as a backdrop to a credit consolidation business or an online discount broker.

I guess I just don’t see it. Maybe because that big pop-up is blocking my view.