WEIRDER THAN FICTION: EQ SUICIDE HOAX REVEALED [Author: lum] is reporting what, for the moment, seems to be the last word on the “I was fired from the guide program and KILLED MYSELF” story.

But “Sheyla Morrison” never existed in the real world. A couple shared the EQ account; the woman played ‘Tolena’, who was thought to be Sheyla’s sister; the man played both ‘Sheyla’ and ‘Leza’. When they broke up, the boyfriend staged Sheyla’s suicide right down to posing as a grieving spouse and stepmother.

The man points a finger at his former girlfriend. She insists the Sheyla and Leza characters were his. Conversations with family members, comparisons of email and IP addresses, and talks with the couple themselves point the evidence in her favor. Meanwhile, he plans to bring the story into court as proof of her instability and to gain custody of their daughter.

Moral of the story: That cute little wood elf you play with? Not only is she not really an elf, chances are good she’s not really a she.