Some of the banned are now talking lawsuit. Personally, since Origin reserves the right to boot someone for any/no reason and has since UO started it doesn’t seem to have much chance, but hey, get twelve nimrods in a closed up room somewhere and you never know what might happen. Azile is telling folks to quit UO and stick it to Origin. (I guess she took my rant earlier about being able to comment on games one doesn’t play to heart.)

On a happier note, some of the more obviously innocent folks who were banned got reinstated today. However none of them were from KoC, and it does seem that the entire KoC guild was blanket-banned. They get to join MDK and SUN in the Circle of Fame.

Pretty much everyone involved is spitting fireballs at me in e-mail, so I must be doing fairly well. It always worries me when news subjects like me.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Planescape: Torment, which isn’t an Ultima and isn’t an ORPG but is easily the best game of the year. If you thought to yourself, “Self, wouldn’t a game with the rich plotline, non-linearity and twisted humor of Fallout, and the Baldur’s Gate engine just RULE?”, you are fairly sad for talking to yourself. But you’d also be right. Just this once though. And if you’re playing Torment, you’re staying the goddam hell out of my way, which as the calendar moves inexorably forward is more and more important to me.