WELL, WE’RE BACK, KINDA, SORTA [Author: Lum the Mad]

So there’s lots of wreckage strewn about, and all, but we are in what hopefully will be our final home for some time.

You will notice a lack of ad banners. This is because, and I know this probably will come as a shock to those who have read the past 405 stories on the topic, ad banners do not work. However, we still have to pay the bills for the site, and we’re asking you to chip in. If you click the DONATE PLZ button to the right —> you’ll see how far we’ve come to our goal of this month’s hosting fee. We’re not asking for a whole lot, as you can see, but if you ever wanted to support LtM, now’s your chance. If this doesn’t work out I guess we could do pop-up pr0n banners or something.

Also during our long downtime I finally updated our long-out-of-date roundup of games out and/or in development. A few gone, many added.

Forums are being a bit quirky. If you signed up earlier and got a 404 error, that’s because of the DNS issues from the site change. I hard coded the IP addy into the board so it should email you the correct link for registration. However the server currently is groaning and wheezing and it may be the board’s fault. So don’t get too attached. EZBoard here we come!

Thanks for your patience or lack thereof.