Baelish, over at a site we are happy to link to without long disclaimers, EverQuest Casters Realm, ferreted out several posts from his board by Community Relations Manager Alan “Abashi’s Janitor” VanCouvering and actual PROGRAMMER Uzun that tried to spray disinfectant over Abashi’s attempt to send wizards into a blithering rage. Without further overuse of adjectives and insults, I unabashedly copy and paste:

From Uzun:

There is a nasty rumour floating around that something will be changed in the overall way that NPCs save against the Lure series of spells this upcoming patch. This is not true. Lure saves at one time were supposed to be like lifetap saves, but this did not happen. They are currently more like Dragon Breath saves, which is better for the caster, worse for the target. They will continue to be that way!

Who could have started that nasty rumour? If you had any doubt, Uzun dispells it…

In an irc chat it was incorrectly stated, that Lures would be treated as lifetap saves, let me repeat, this is not true. Lures are treated as Dragon breath type saves both before and after tonights patch.

Absor had his broom out, as well as his buck-stopper…

…About three weeks ago monster saves were changed somewhat, so that they would resist the right kinds of Lures the right way…I probably should have figured this out earlier and let you all know. But I was having trouble understanding the change. The lack of notification is primarily my fault. I\’e2\’80\’99m sorry.

Later on in Baelish’s update, Aradune had a massive stroke after Uzun released firm statistics on just what those resists meant. The short bus version: resist percent rates to epic encounter mobs got increased in ONE resist category. All the others? Still zero percent.

It was an attack of the nerf bat, yes, but only a minor smack in the nose, rather than the wizardly sodomization Abashi had us believe.