Delving further into the mailbag we find this:

Well, my account got banned on Saturday. After spending two days trying to find out why, I got this cute little note in the mail saying I was banned for having a guildstone on Catskills named “Ku Klux Klan”. Now, this is my brothers shard, so I asked him WTF he was doing. He told me he was just goofing around with some friends. I asked him if he had any warnings about the stone, and he told me yes. A GM came up to him and told him to change the name. He told the GM he couldn’t do it for a week, to due the nature of changing stone names. The GM said OK, and left.

This all happened Friday, mind you. So at 2:55 a.m. on Saturday, no more than 24 hours after the GM had warned him and my bro had agreed to change it at his earliest convenience, some idiot yanks the plug on my account.

Two questions: 1. Why didn’t the GM just delete the stone when it was clear my bro couldn’t do anything about it. 2. Who the hell taught OSI their communication skills? Ever tried reasoning with UO support? Like talking to a fucking robot.

And, from the person who ACTUALLY owned the account:

Well, my account got banned a few days ago. Not because I macroed on SP, or used UOE, or called Richard Garriot a faggot. It was banned because my son, who plays on Catskills, had a guildstone with the name “Ku Klux Klan”. I got the letter today stating I was banned for being a racist.

Now, I take responsibility for what happens on my account but come on. His guild dressed in tacky orange clothes and stole from the masses (not scams, they used what’s left of the actual stealing skill). There were no logs of racist remarks, no complaints, just a letter saying that at 2:55 a.m. on Friday my account got toasted. Gotta love big brother.

But what really pisses me off is what he told me after I brought it up with him (my son). He said the GM had warned him to change the name on Wednesday, but due to the one week timer on name changes he could not. The GM understood, and told my son to change the name as soon as possible. Why the GM didn’t do it himself, I’ll never know. The only thing I can figure from this is my account got banned by some self righteous Smurf who then had the GM put the stamp of approval on it.

Just tell everyone to watch what they name their stones, it could be there accounts next.

OK. It’s REALLY hard for me to feel sympathy for anyone who names their guild “KKK”. Even the most mongoloid of idiots should be able to see that running into a group of folks with “KKK” above their heads would be objectionable to a whole bunch of folks, including myself. And anyone with even one fourth of a clue knows that the quickest way to get your account banned is for racism (well, being racist about orcs is OK I guess).

Should the account itself have been banned? It would depend on what else was on the account I guess — if that was the first offense, probably not. But why the GM didn’t just delete the guildstone right then and there and tell Smart Boy to go buy a new one is beyond me. I’m pretty sure that was standing operating procedure anyway (such as the week after Littleton when GMs had to go delete all the immigrant geniuses who named their guilds Trenchcoat Mafia).