The Darkfall Forum isn’t happy I closed the 2 1/2 week old post on a Darkfall commentary that turned into PK VS ANTI, PART 87,308,022. I’d have posted this on their forums instead, it being considerably more relevant there, but, well, their forum has a 72 hour waiting period. Yes, posting in Darkfall’s forums is much like buying a handgun.

What kind of bullshit is that. I know this is kinda off topic, but to have a entire page mocking this game, yet shutting down the discussion because the peopel who support it come to….support it..is the msot ridiculously self centered and self righteous thing i’ve ever seen anyone do i na forum. I guess i dont’ visit enough forums or something.

I know the distinction is probably lost, but I wasn’t mocking Darkfall, but the *manly man* commentary someone made about it. To mock Darkfall (which I wouldn’t do anyway since I rarely if ever talk about specific games due to working on competing products), I would have to know anything about it, preferably through – you know – playing it.

And I shut down the post comments because it was in response to a Darkfall developer almost literally telling his fans to go “defend the faith” two weeks after the post actually had been made. Said fans did so, and did so vociferously and without knowing or caring about any other posts on the blog, which, frankly, I didn’t find terribly amusing. Yet still, I let it run for about a week, so that everyone who wanted to get in their points could. When the post war showed no sign of ending, and in fact started repeating themselves (easy to do since the identical arguments have been raging since the previous century), I put the whole thing out of its misery.

This no doubt pissed off the participants, who then went back to Darkfall and muttered the same frat-boy juvenile things they muttered since I mocked the literally exact same people for literally the exact same reasons EIGHT FREAKING YEARS AGO.

OSI hired Sir Adrick and Evocare. I laughed and then I cried.


Who cares about what Scott Jennings does on his own worthless section of the internet? His blog is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. He posted a completely bullshit response to an article, and when his ignorant ass got called for it and the Darkfall community stepped up to the plate, he realized that the average Forumfall members excrement contains a greater degree of intelligence so he ran like a bitch. I don’t see the issue. Let idiots be idiots.

You know, I’m not sure what would piss them off more – the realization that I’m actually not just a random blogger, or that Evocare is responsible for the PvP and systems design on a somewhat popular game.

But let’s move on to the key mistake they made about my personal investment or lack thereof in all of this:

Yeah, he apparently feels that he can be a critic, but wants to be above criticism himself. I guess it sucks to be called out on a facetious remark on your own blog.

he can dish it out, but he has to go cry and lock the post as soon as he’s called out… lame… O.o…

Except that for the most part, I didn’t take part in the *very* *long* *argument*. Because, well, nothing new was being said. It’s the same argument that raged back when people were pissed off that someone stole their house keys in UO. It’s the same argument that Shadowbane fans made any time someone dared point out that the game they were rabidly following TO THE DEATH did not yet technically exist.

I didn’t say anything mainly because, well, I already did, years ago, and there’s no real reason to repeat myself. So really, I had no dog in the hunt; the comment thread itself was closed simply because the blog’s actual readers as opposed to forum invaders had moved on, and in my capacity as site janitor, it was my job to shut it down so as to not clog the “new comments” indicators.

So there you have it. Feel free to chuckle and high-five each other about how you pizz0wn3d the carebear. (Despite, you know, my being neither.) Hope you have fun in Darkfall!