WHAT THE FUCK, MAN? [Author: lum]

I figured I’d better pop off on this one, since the Butt-Naked Avenger saw fit to show his ass in our general direction (I suppose that comes with the butt-nakedness and all). Let’s hit this point by point.

I AM SO NOT A HYPOCRITE Bzzt. Just because you have a shard with 500 people running on a PC does not mean that you are somehow immune from any charges of hypocrisy, power-tripping, or copyright violations. It just means that you are a hypocrite, a power-tripper and a plagiarist on a smaller scale. I know this may be hard to fathom since it involves higher mathematical functions like division and multiplication, but 1500 macroers tying up CPU cycles on an Origin shard has about the same impact as 50 macroers tying up CPU cycles on your little utopian paradise.

LUM SUCKS BECAUSE HE HAS OTHER PEOPLE WRITING FOR HIS WEBSITE… as opposed, of course, to the one and only one person writing for wtfman.com, I take it. I mean, that would just SUCK if different people posted updates to wtfman.com. Obviously you would have to have delusions of grandeur to do something like that.

LUM AND FEAR BLOW OSI STAFFERS Leaving aside for a moment Greybeard’s oral fixation (what, did LadyMOI promise you Ultima 9 would work or something?) the accusation remains that both Fear and I are homosexual because we are actually polite to Origin’s folks when they poke their heads out from their shells.

I realize politeness may be foreign to Greybeard, being a sign of adulthood and all, but even leaving that aside, do picture the following interview.

Runesabre: Hi, Greybeard. Thanks for having me on your website.

Greybeard: Fuck you. You think I sold out to the MAN or something? Bring back precasting, you lame shit. And get rid of statloss while you’re at it. And get me a beer, bitch.

Runesabre: What the fuck, man? (leaves)

So you see, it’s only from pure self-interest that we act like reasonable human beings and not flaming hemmorhoidal assholes when dealing with the folks who actually work on this crap for a living. It’s one of those cause and effect deals. You know. Like when you steal from someone and they get pissed and turn grey, then you can kill them. I hope that’s a metaphor you more fully understand. (By the way, a metaphor is a way of expressing an idea.)

I like Greybeard. Hell, I even like Ronald McDonald, despite his constant entreaties for hot monkey loving. (Nighthawk scares me, but that’s OK. I think it’s the tribal mask.) But in case you folks haven’t noticed, this is the week I am not taking any shit.