WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO FIX UO? [Author: myschyf]

1) Wipe all the shards. Allow people to keep their characters but no items. Wipe the houses, wipe the banks, wipe the gold, wipe all possessions.

2) Get rid of Trammel. Keep Haven. Double size of Haven.

3) Make Felucca twice the size. Even if its a mirror. Make some areas PVP+ and some PVP-. Make it impossible to walk overland from a PVP- to a PVP- area without having to go through a PVP+ area. Reds are still guard-killed in towns but not in PVP- areas that are not also towns.

4) Make a thunderdome. Two people enter one person leaves. The person who dies loses the character.

5) Guards patrol the PVP- area. Guards are killable. Guards do not kill in one hit unless in town. However guards would be very hard to kill. If a guard sees a red s/he will attack. A 7x GM that was very skilled would have a CHANCE at killing the guard. It would be hard.

6) Keep rep patch and stat loss way it is now. Also make recalling and gating impossible for an hour after you have killed a blue.

7) Get rid of thieves and tamers.

8) Put in a good name filter. If your name makes it through the filter and you make it to 70 in four skills without getting complaints the character can stay — no matter what the name is.

9) Institute logging. No matter what the cost. Have harassment complaints entered online. A harassment complaint generates a log of the last 300 lines of text, emotes and actions. It gets sent along with the complaint. Automatically.

10) GMs and volunteers get logged. Every action, every word, every twitch of a finger. If there is a complaint the log is sent to the complaintant and the accused as well as whoever is handling the complaint.

11) Make a set of rules that work for OSI. (I think it goes without saying that making a set of rules that work for the entire playerbase would be impossible. Might as well just do something that satisfies OSI.) Put them on the official website. Stick to them. GMs do not have the power to change them. No matter what.

12) Anytime a GM takes someone to jail the incident is reviewed.

13) Institute a 3 strikes policy for both exploiting and macroing. You are perma-banned on the fourth infraction. Better checking of names/cc#’s etc to avoid perma-banned people being able to start a new acct. Perhaps make them buy the software again or something.

14) Each account can place one house. Only. Not one per shard. One. Only. Pick a shard, place the house, that’s it. No more. House costs should increase by a power of 10. Get rid of castles, keeps and towers and large patios.

15) Get rid of the empty, useless buildings in towns. Get rid of British’s and Blackthorne’s castles. Get rid of counselor guilds. Get rid of buildings purely for show. Decrease number of taverns and inns or else make them more useful. Get rid of cats, dogs, rats and birds in towns.

16) Make birds larger. If they can stop a person from moving they need to be larger. A sparrow cannot stop a person from moving. Teradactyls would be good. Ok maybe not teradactyls but you get the point.

17) Money sinks. Lots of them.