WHAT’S IN A NAME? [Author: Eldin]

A lawsuit, apparently.

No, no lawsuit has been filed as of yet, however, let\’e2\’80\’99s take a look at an article from Dr. Twister (that Jerry Springer of the online world):

Funcom support,

I am formally asking for redress of grievances for the theft of my name. I am a very well known clan leader. I have published to your boards many many time and someon has stoplen my name on purpose to harass me. II will be cross postign this to AO Basher and other boards. I think this is unbelievably bad harassment of loyal fans. Please refer to the thread below for proof of this incident. I have pasted it in here in case the aggrssors shoudl edit and remove their posts.

Some people should learn how to type properly if they\’e2\’80\’99re going to use phrases such as \’e2\’80\’9credress of grievances.\’e2\’80\’9d (Hey, it sounds legal like, right?)

You can read the thread this takes place in here.

Does this mean any use of my proper name (even if my proper name is common and used by others in this world of, oh, 6 billion people) is hereby prohibited? Can one copyright one\’e2\’80\’99s own name and then demand that no others use such a moniker in any forum, public or private, from this day forward?

I leave those questions to lawyers, since I am not one (yet).

I will make one comment. The name Eldin is derived from copyrighted works of fiction that I myself have written. All characters therein are copyrighted, including the character of Eldin. However, I do not expect anyone in this world to not use the name Eldin, whether it pertains to a piece of writing or a moniker in an online game. As there are no current celebrities with the name Eldin (as opposed to say, Madonna), I feel pretty good about using the name freely.

I\’e2\’80\’99m fairly certain that someone else can use the name Eldin wherever they want.

Then again, I\’e2\’80\’99m not a snot-nosed, punk gamer who feels the world should revolve around him at any given time. Though, opinions may vary on that one.

What does this latest idiocy indicate?

People are broken is too easy, here. People are whiny, self-centered twits who have a severely misdirected sense of entitlement might be a tad more accurate.