WHEN GMS ATTACK! [Author: Lum the Mad]

Got this note from a player on EQ’s Test Center (otherwise known as “The Elysian Fields Server, Hidden By A Seperate .EXE File From The Annoying Normals”):

Today I logged on my rather low-level cleric on Test to do something hunting in Misty Thicket. Since the servers were down for patch, there was approximately twice the normal amount of people on the server. Test isn’t made to hold this amount of people apparently, as we were all lagging bad and crashing every time we zoned. Despite this, me and my friend (he plays a warrior) sat down at misty orc camp for some hunting.

The amount of people steadily grew, and after a crash when I was forced to zone from a pair of orcs that basically kicked the snot out of us, I logged back on and noticed there was 2900 people on test.

By now I was starting to consider logging off, but decided I’d stay for a few more. Servers were coming up soon, right? Right?

Anyways, after a minute or two, a red imp popped up just in front of us. A red imp called “Beetha”. It coned red and indifferent. (For the non-eq people, it wouldn’t attack but was quite a bit higher level than us) My friend proceeded to hail the imp. The imp area effect blasted us for 13000 points of damage.


After a quick /who all gm, it was confirmed that there were approx 10 gm’s on test, and that they indeed were both spawning and playing this creatures. (One imp in particular didn’t even bother with waiting until you hailed it, it just blasted everyone near it)

After one more death (This particular imp teleported up to my back while running to my corpse) I got my belongings and logged off, throughoutly disgusted. Firstly at the people who had nothing else to do than lag us and act like idiots (die 150 times each, littering the entire zone with corpses and likewise) and lag us completely. Secondly, with the gm’s. I was told afterwards they also did a corpse wipe in the newbie zones, and my friend almost lost his.

I should probably just cancel my EQ account. I am most likely quitting test at least. Not that it matters. Just thought you might like to know this fun little story.