SLC Kyra sent me a long email about the story below which only periphally mentioned her. She told me not to post it (several times, including in the subject line, so I wouldn’t miss it), but gave me Special Permission to post this:

PS – 10:30 AM IF I JOIN GAMEHUT, DO I GET A GAGGLE OF HENCHMEN TOO? Now is that your picture? If so your wife has one hot looking husband 🙂 (and yes you can print the PS part – ha ha) see ya! – K

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on what you look for in a man), I am not Keanu Reeves. Here is the official Keanu vs Lum Punchlist so, if you ever meet Keanu Reeves or myself, you will know exactly which is which.

Keanu Reeves, in a movie

Lum the Mad, on his work ID badge
A symbol of outer beauty and inner emptinessA symbol of what obsessive web site updating can result in
Has a usenet newsgroup devoted to him: alt.fan.keanu-reevesHas a usenet newsgroup devoted to him: alt.censor.scott.jennings.die.die.die.die
Plays in a rock band named DogstarHas an extensive collection of bad music from the ’80s on CD
Born in Beirut, LebanonBoooooorn in the USA
Is CanadianIs in a UO guild with Canadians
Often believed to be homosexualOften believed to be heterosexual
Starred in “The Matrix”, which inspired ex-Counselor Senith to begin a fan clubWatched “The Matrix”. Did not inspire ex-Counselor Senith to begin any fan clubs
Often crashes when driving a motorcycleMany people believe that he should not be allowed on the highway
Was “Ted” in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”Was “Lum” in “The Rantings of Lum the Mad”
Many women and gay men worship and adore himMany women and gay men throw things at him
Is used by lum.xrgaming.net as the symbol for stories involving Dr. TwisTer, as a long-running sly dig at the apparent lack of thought in TwisTer’s updatesIs used by lum.xrgaming.net as its author, is not believed to be a symbol but an actual person.
Is considered “hot” by SLC KyraIs considered “horrible person bad for UO” by SLC Kyra