Where The Only Thing You Feel Are Loaded /Tells In Your Chat, And You Have To Deal With Pressure!

Amber Night interviews Mia Rose, who manages not to sneak in a link to her Myspace page anywhere within the article.

I never deny what I do if I’m asked, but this doesn’t mean I go around saying “hey look at me, look at me and my ass.” Honestly. And not once did I say that I don’t like the attention. Because it’s obvious that I love it. I think you need to in my line of work. But the outbursts from these people I have never met that are degrading, hurtful, and childish are 100% uncalled for. I am human, and I will defend myself. Call it spamming if you will, but ask yourself how you would deal with this if you were in my position?

Everything I know about porn I learned from Boogie Nights, so, admittedly, much of this is new to me. Still, methinks when you name your primary character your pornstar name, and then makes sure in repeated forum posts that yes you are THAT person, and everyone knows you were the person who put on the elf ears and made with the emotes, you might want to rethink the whole demanding anonymity thing. Still, an interesting alternate viewpoint.