WHO IS THE BIG ASS NOW? [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

Yesterday I wrote an update that seemed to shake the webserver hard enough to pop rivets. In case you didn’t get it, I was passionate about the subject matter. Happens to the worst of us. Passion is a double-edged sword. Much like fire, it can be a life-saving servant or a murderous task-master.

So yeah I cursed a little bit – that’s not what I’m talking about. I also went overboard (yeah, I did. You know it and I know it.) with my criticisms of Usul. I still think it was a shitty thing to do (relax, I wont lose it again) but in hindsight, the irony of using disrespectful language in an expose of someone else’s disrespect should not go unmentioned. When I read my first “You have Usul all wrong.” email yesterday, I dismissed it. I dismissed a second, and a third – by the time a sixth co-worker (actually, this one was a former co-worker) arrived, I got the picture. What I should have done was directed my anger at his actions, and not his character. So I’ll live and learn – a free education is wasted only on the fool. But that also, is not what I’m talking about.

Without mentioning any names (because those of you who somehow didn’t get the reference, I’m not about to make the connections for you), I offered up a single reference to someone that was entirely and completely superfluous. It had nothing to do with the update, or the players involved. It had everything to do with stupidity. My target was Origin Systems and its policies – but the victim was an individual who had done nothing to deserve the reference made, and in fact, had done everything to INVALIDATE such asinine statements. She certainly didn’t deserve being insulted, and even if she had, the levels to which I fell in order to make a wiseass crack could not possibly have been more inappropriate. I regret it, and regretfully apologize for it.

I emailed her tonight, but thought maybe I’d share part of it with you, y’know; just between you and me. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s my power hour and I’ve got to go macro up my credibility skill. It has taken quite a beating of late.