WHY DOES EVERY EQ ZONE HAVE “RO” IN IT? [Author: wirehead]

Got word of this. I suspect the new zone is obscenely difficult, a la the Plane of Fear, so mere mortals will have to just wait for screenshots to ogle.


The test server has a new option where you can download the Temple of Solusek Ro the EverQuest team will be implementing in a week or so. Simply start up testeqgame.exe and grab the latest files, you’ll have to restart the patcher twice, then it will give you an option to download an update (the new zones). Download size appears to be about two or so megabytes.

Here’s the info included with the files:

September 28th, 4:00pm
Welcome to the optional EverQuest patch program. Currently, the files that make up The Temple of Solusek Ro have been made available. However, the Temple of Solusek Ro will not be accessible until later this week, at which time we will make an announcement on the Test server news.
– The EverQuest Team