Remember the mind-blowing story of Elena, the crazed Ukranian biker chick who tore through Chernobyl with a camera and a Kawasaki Ninja for kicks?

Yeah. Sadly, too good to be true.

I’ll give an example – one of the pictures on her original site was inside a kindergarden. It’s a picture of a baby’s crib, with a photo of Lenin, a child’s gas mask, and some toys. These photos were ‘staged’ by Elena’s husband. He found the photo of Lenin elsewhere, put it in the cott and placed a gas mask alongside then took a photo of it.

This annoyed Rimma immensely. She was not impressed from start to finish about Elena and her husband, as they seemed to be trying to take photos for shock value – not how the place really is. I had no intention of doing such things (in fact, I saw the very cott they took the picture of I mentioned above, still in the same state that they left it in), and Rimma picked up on this. She took me to MANY places she didn’t even tell Elena about. As part of my day’s tour, I took over 400 photographs. I watched Rimma remove the gas mask and photograph of Lenin, and put them back in their original homes.

The reason I was told all of this was because Rimma is very annoyed about the whole affair – she’s getting phone calls from movie producers wanting to make movies about this “heroic” girl. She’s getting people demanding the same unlimited access pass that Elena supposedly has. These do not exist, and she’s sick of explaining it to people.

Of course, 75% of the comments in the thread were:

She has a husband? Oh well…

You know, you people really need to get out more. Yes, I mean you.

In other news, the reactor’s still falling apart. Want to see for yourself? Not a problem! (Disclaimer: if you plan to start a family, do so before tour.)