Widgets And Themes And Things

I’ve added some tchotchkes to the blog, feel free to hammer and bitch:

* Yes, ads. I’m fairly aggressively experimenting with them (especially in RSS feeds, where most of you read this site from) because the site is beginning to overflow its traffic (admittedly, this month only to the tune of $2 or so on a $20 hosting plan) and it should probably have plans in place to pay for itself. And no, I don’t really care if Chinese WoW gold ads show up. I assume you’re smart enough to, you know, not click on them, and the thought of them paying me money is rather ironic.

* WYSWYG comment editor, comment quoting (which kind of breaks the WYSWYG comment editor, but oh well), and – I *think* since I can’t test it – comment editing (for the first hour after you post).

* A privacy policy. Some ad networks require certain legalese, and it merely restates that yes, the web server uses cookies like 99% of the web and no, I’m not going to sell your email addresses to Chinese gold farmers.

* Spiffy new formatting if you view the site on your iPhone. Check it out if you’re iEnlightnened, it’s very iShiny.

* Facebook Like button, inspired by seeing Raph Koster tweet about adding it to his site and thinking “Oh, cool.” Note to Raph: please don’t tweet about jumping off cliffs.