Win A Dream Date With An Uberguild!

World of Warcraft’s recent patch introduced a server-wide quest for opening the new uber-dungeon, called, varyingly, “a dynamic cooperative quest“, “holy crap, that’s a lots of hunting and gathering“, “worst. quest. ever.“, “sweet, new NPCs we can gank to grief everyone“, “yeah, all you other guys get right on that!“, and the rational response, “omg, the auction house market in magic items has fallen through the floor” (since the turnins on the gathered items reward you with random magic loot).

However, all this pales: now you (yes, you in the back, you) can win a shot at someone in Fires of Heaven yelling at you to start freaking cross-group healing already. That’s right, since they’re too busy to farm linen – they want YOU to do it! And in return – that’s right, valuable prizes! And the top prize?

\tab Each of our 3 grand prize winners will receive their very \tab own MOLTEN CORE RUN!! That’s right, we’ll take you and four of your friends \tab on a run through the fabulous Molten Core where you can loot whatever you please. \tab Remember watching tv as a kid and seeing TV shows give away Toys ‘R Us Shopping Sprees? \tab This is YOUR CHANCE!

(Not on Hyjal? That’s OK, chances are good some uberguild on YOUR server is going to read this and start doing the same thing.)

Well, it’s player-driven content!