Dark Age of Camelot is out-selling Shadows of Luclin this week, winning the EB vaporware wars. Go team!

In other news, Sanya “Tweety” Thomas quit crotchwaffling and stopped talking to cats on planet Zygorn (love ya Tweets!) (she’s gonna kill me now, oh well) long enough to do a really superior interview with Voodoo Extreme. The thing that is so nice about this interview is that it provides one of the most succinct, information-filled overviews of DAOC that I’ve seen anywhere. If you are looking to find out what this game is all about, please go read this interview. You’d have to go through ten websites to get this much useful information and they’ve packaged it all up in an interview for you. A huge shout-out to both Robert “Apache” Howarth of Voodoo Extreme and Sanya for this nice piece of work.