If you bought it, you may want to find something else to do for a while after installing it – the patch already waiting for you to download is in excess of 60 MBs.

You may also want to buy a new computer. People with 128 MB of RAM (the minimum specs) are reporting problems with running the game. The response on the boards is that “this game is probably the most RAM intensive game to come out. There are so many details to keep in memory that having 256MB will still slow you down.” Be sure to keep your old PC as some less-fortunate individual may be able to use it to play Tribes 2 or something similarly backward.

You may also want to learn how to fly a plane. Flying a plane is hard, as is driving a truck and neither activity is for “l33t dudes on the mmopg boards” (if you read this site, this probably means you). If you do not learn how to fly a plane you will be stuck on the runway and everyone else will laugh at you and possibly shoot you (depending on nationality) assuming ammunition works. You also should be aware if you learn to fly a plane that bailing out will be patched in later. Until then, don’t get shot down. As Geof “DocDoom” Evans, a CRS producer, said when announcing this, “Aces don’t need to bail out, right ? They shoot the other guys down if I recall. B]”

You should also watch every intro movie religiously. If you don’t watch every intro movie religiously, the game will crash. We are told by WW2OL partisans that people resent this only because they “don’t realize how massively different this game is.”

We should have a first look up by tomorrow evening and a detailed review up shortly, assuming our reviewer has broadband, knows how to fly planes, has a studly PC and watches all the intros.