The Press Release is short and to the point – and disspointingly without secret code words hidden between the lines of text. Previous emails from the Majestic team included secret telephone numbers, AOL Keywords, and names of imfamous assassins and their victims. The gist of Majestic is that it will send you out on wild internet searches using various words or topics that may or may not be important; and during those searches, you will never know if the website you found or the phone number you just called is an actual business, or a facade propped up by the Majestic team. What could be more fun than playing an MMOG and getting your name added to the FBI’s “Online Troublemakers” database at the same time?

If you participated in the beta test, you can play the first episode online now, which is free to all players. The Majestic model uses a serialized method of offering monthly content in exchange for monthly access fees via the EA Platinum Service.

I’ll have a non-spoiling review of Majestic: Episode One later this week – unless the secret Yeti Cabal running the shadow government in Alaska kidnaps me and hands me over to the alien visitors as an experiment subject in order to appease them and prevent an all out attack on humankind.

You can almost hear someone yelling, “MULDER?!” into the foggy twilight.