Logging on today after work, I notice a quick note regarding Account Security, if only I knew how much this would affect me.

Without even a second glance, I noticed some items were missing on my main character, Uumpaa, a level 59 Rogue for those who do not know me, as I got to the character selection screen. After logging on, I found myself in East Commons, Anonymous, with most of my items missing, even those that are No drop. I panic right away, and start asking around if anyone saw me between 10:30am EST (That’s when I left for work) and 6pm EST (When I logged on after work). No one said they saw me, and a friend said he logged on at 3:30pm EST and has me on his friends list, and never saw me online. Therefore I must have been hacked between 10:30am EST and 3:30pm EST. If anyone saw me in EC at that time, please let me know, maybe with your help I can find who did this.

Not only was most of my equipment sold, I even had my Ragebringer destroyed, along with all of the Quest armor I have completed in Kael.

So I petition, and GM Slayness immediately asks me if I have read over the new Reimbursement Policy and the Producers Letter, I said yes, but I had one question to ask, here is my log:

You told Slayness, ‘One thing I wasn’t quite clear on..once investigated and it is found to be a true hack, or atleast not confirmed I was at fault for it, I won’t be banned, correct?

Slayness tells you, ‘No. Any and all acocounts that are confirmed as hacked are immediately banned. At best, we can investigate to find out where the items went (i.e. if they were traded), and tell the user what happened. Then they will be banned without debate or question.’

You told Slayness, ‘So even tho I might have been hacked and I was not at fault in anyway, I’ll still be banned?’

Slayness tells you, ‘Correct.’

You told Slayness, ‘May I ask why?’

You told Slayness, ‘Doesn’t that rule give people a better reason to hack? Knowing they cannot be caught?’

Slayness tells you, ‘Because the EULA crearly states that account security is the responsibility of the user. If it is compromised, we can no longer be held responsible for what is done with it. Thus, it is banned.’

Slayness tells you, ‘So I might ask you again. Do you wish for me to proceed with an investigation, fully understanding the Account Security Policy?’

You told Slayness, ‘I guess not. Sorry to bother you.’

So there it is, someone, on the DAY of the change, hacks my account for all I’m worth. After losing 3 months of work, I’m not sure if I will try to rebuild what I once was, or delete and leave the world known as Norrath.

All together I lost my Kael armor except for Arms, some of my Blue Diamond resist gear, my Silken Cat Fur Girdle, Chetari Bonecrafted Shield, Defiance and my Ragebringer. Not to mention someone took the time to log on my Cleric twink and take my Fungi Tunic, GEB’s, TBB and Sarnak Battle Shield. That is just wrong. Droppable Items I can replace, but destroying my Kael armor and Ragebringer, is just cruel.

Either way, just wanted to let everyone know to be very careful. I’m not here to recieve pity, I’m here to warn others of what happened to me, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. And be careful of those people you see in EC selling CoF’s and other Dragon loot, as you never know how they recieved it, and since you’re tied in, you could be banned as well.



58th Halfling [censored]