Got this in the mail:

This is without a doubt the single most incredible thing that has ever happened to me throughout the breadth of my UO career. This morning, on the Catskills server, it appeared as though the entire PC population of the Britain subserver was teleported to jail. One moment, we were all enjoying server war around Brit Cemetary. The next minute, I’m in jail with 40 other confused, irate players. After a while, myself and three others were teleported to a seperate room adjoining the one where all the other players were. All spells were disabled, so we could not recall out. A very apologetic Counselor Videre explained that he didn’t know how we got here, and furthermore couldn’t teleport us out. After a long while, he told us that our player names and character ID’s were being written down for further questioning, and GM Lint arrived. It would appear that some SRC is going to get his balls nailed to the proverbial wall for doing it, whether it was a sick joke or just an honest mistake remains to be seen. Enclosed are pictures to help you get a better idea of the total mayhem that ensued.