WTF Is Up With Google Ads

Internal stats for January: 382,351 pageviews.
Google Ads stats for January: 53,320 pageviews.

Uh, yeah. Not gonna have effectively unblockable gold farmer ads for $3.41 a month. Hell, if I’m going to give up my integrity, at least give me enough to buy a taco dinner. So if you’re easily amused, buy my footer. This guy did and apparently got a couple of new guildies out of it.

BTW, while I’m at this page, the top referrers for January, in order (where I got the stats from): (I think it’s a Japanese gaming-specific search engine?) (guild forum) (general console-centric gaming forum) (ancient Katrina:the Gathering link)

(No snarky searchwords, kinda busy today. Go forth and amuse thyself!)