WTS 3 runabouts, will take 900 gold pressed latinum

From Star Trek Online’s FAQ:

Will there be an economy?

As in the series, an economy will be present and fully functional.

Uh… guys, in ST: TNG there was no economy. The Federation was a pure communist society. This was actually a plot point in the final episode of the first season, where confused 21st century colonists rescued from a sleeper ship (translation: Fred Everyman from the present) try to figure out how Enterprise crewmembers get paid.

Offenhouse asks what he will do now that his money and office are gone. Picard points out that material needs do not exist in the 24th Century. Offenhouse then asks “What’s the challenge?”. Picard responds, “The challenge, Mr. Offenhouse, is to improve yourself. To enrich your life. Enjoy it.”

Once the series moved on to Deep Space Nine, and more importantly the utopian Gene Roddenberry died, the economy perpetuated by the caricatures of rapacious capitalism, the Ferengi, moved throughout the Federation. But based on the answer to this rather fundamental question, I can only await the forum threads as this game draws closer to release.