Everquest is not having a good day.

First off, an entire guild on Fennin Ro awoke to find themselves knocked down to level 1 by the GMs. Since most were level 40+, they were unamused. Rumor has it they had found an item dupe.

Then, they patched all the servers, and for some reason it took most of the day. John Smedley’s explanation was that “it was a reallly big patch.”

Then, when the servers came up, some lucky tradesmen who planned ahead made about 8,000 plat. Those who didn’t plan ahead found that Verant had “enhanced” pottery by making it completely useless. This reduces, as we mentioned before, the number of usable trade skills in the game to about, um, zero. But that’s OK, that’s not the point of Everquest. The point of Everquest, as we all know, is to camp for the cool shit.

Then, some enterprising snooper found out that one of the reasons the patch was so big was that the spell “Ultra Death” was added. Here’s the description, which can be found by opening your spdata.eff file in a text editor:

Oh come on, you know that there is no such thing as an ultra death spell in this game. Come on – this is EQ – we balance things as well as we can. No tank-mages. No uber class. Etc etc. Thanks for asking though. BTW – what are you doing reading this file? – Geoffrey Z

However, Fear does have his plane. He’s also apparently the reason Siege Perilous exists. Basically I’m in fear of no Fear.