Wut Oh, Part Two

Someone filed a class-action lawsuit about World of Warcraft.

But it isn’t filed against Blizzard. Oh no. Been there, done that. No… this is against…


For gold farming.

And devaluing the gold piece.

And throwing Arena matches.

I swear to God, I am not making any of this up. The best part? Given that a key assumption in the lawsuit is as follows:

Because of IGE’s infusion of gold, virtual currency being held by honest Subscribers is constantly devalued. The devaluation of this virtual currency has an economic value in real dollars as reflected on Defendants’ website.

…if this actually moves forward, you could see Blizzard entering into the suit… on IGE’s side. Because as Raph put it in his comments,

Should Blizzard devalue their own currency, would a class action suit appear against them for that? Banking law, here we come…

Cats and dogs living together, me oh my. Making games is certainly starting to get… complicated.