XRG DIES. [Author: Lietgardis]

The Crossroads Gaming Network, down since sometime yesterday, apparently isn’t getting back up any time soon. Former Crossroads of Dereth site manager Allen Grey posted the following on an ad hoc board run by veterans of CoD Discussions:

From: Brent

Date: June 08, 2001 at 2:08 pm

Subject: looks like crossroads is dead folks

word is the colocation service provider has terminated service for lack of payment.

I’m waiting for CoD, the only site in the network to enjoy any popularity since the murder of CoB by boards.uo.com, to follow Crossroads of Shadowbane’s lead. Otherwise the entire AC community will end up at AC Vault, and I don’t want to see the good CoD posters corrupted into using alternating caps in their text sigs.

(The board link to Allen’s announcement was removed by request as the owners are already perilously close to maxing out this month’s allotment of bandwidth. Welcome to The New Era.)