Yeah, Elections And Stuff

Unlike Ubiq, I’m not going to bravely come out and be the lone voice of liberalism in the game industry.

Suffice to say that I was pleased at the result, but only because the Republican majority has been anything but conservative in its actions. (Note: invading sovereign countries and raising spending while cutting taxes is not a conservative platform, just in case there were questions to that effect.)

I’ve also been pleased with the Democratic tacking to the center in an attempt to move beyond their base, something the Republicans haven’t seen the need to do since Bush’s first election campaign. (Remember “compassionate conservatism?”) The rhetoric of the GOP operatives has been far more shrill as they try to appeal to their base in the face of a drumbeat of news from Iraq, New Orleans, and Washington.

However, I’m also old enough to remember Dan Rostenkowski and harbor no illusions that a Democratic-led congress will be a magical land of propriety, bipartisanship and moderation. About the best we can hope for: oversight and gridlock. And that, I have every faith our new Congressfolk can deliver!