Yeh For Games! Yeh For America! Yeh For You And Me!

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t link you to gold farmer sites, because, well, it’s not like you can’t just trip over 60 of them on your way to Ironforge or Faydwer or whatever. But… they’re nothing like these guys.

NOTE: If you work for Blizzard, DO NOT FOLLOW THAT LINK! Really – their terms of service tells you not to.

By entering the Site and browsing any content on the Site, you declare under penalty of perjury, pursuant to 28 USC \’c2\’a7 1746, that you are not employed or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Games, Inc., and their respective affiliates and subsidiaries (individually and collectively, the \’e2\’80\’9cUnauthorized\’e2\’80\’9d).

But… they can’t be THAT bad. Can they? I mean. Come on. Look at them. Wouldn’t you buy a used Tauren for them? I mean, come on, the one on the right looks like MOM.

This is totally not stock photography.

Reading through the Yeh! offers, the Yeh! philosophy and the Yeh! catalog, one finds a striking brave statement that rings throughout – YEH! FIGHTS FOR AMERICA.

As a U.S. company, we respect the intellectual property of others and thus, refuse to use any game logos and pictures on our site. These images are the intellectual property of their respective owners. Using these on our website would violate intellectual property laws. Frankly, all websites that use game logos and pictures are foreign sites that do not respect U.S. laws. It’s no wonder that many of these unlawful websites claiming to be a company end up stealing and scamming many accounts.

Yeh! is quite proud of the fact that they are a LEGAL US COMPANY INCORPORATED IN NEVADA! They mention that several dozen times. Luckily, thanks to the previous story which had almost nothing to do with gold farmers or Yeh! or America, we learned a little about incorporating about America. And a lot about love. But for now, let’s just remind ourselves about Nevada’s advantages offered to virtual companies discovered by curious Horizons players.

Asset Protection:


  • Officers and directors of a Nevada corporation can be protected from personal liability for lawful acts of the corporation.
  • \tab

  • In Nevada, liability stops with the corporation. As an officer or director, you cannot be held responsible for lawsuits against your corporation except in the case of outright fraud. You also have the ability to use nominee officers and directors.
  • \tab

  • Nevada also does not require corporations to file a list of assets. Therefore, the corporation’s assets are not linked to you in any way.
  • \tab

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  • No other state takes privacy as seriously as Nevada. In Nevada, there is no requirement for the names of stockholders to be filed with the state. Stockholders are anonymous-not a matter of public record.


  • No Reciprocity with the IRS. Nevada is the only state in the union that does not share information with the Internal Revenue Service. Many tax professionals also believe that this reduces your chances of an audit because less matching of tax return information means fewer chances of something standing out.

NOT THAT I AM IMPLYING ANYTHING. No siree. I’m sure Yeh! For Games, Inc. is completely above board. Look! They have their own office building.

Photoshop was not involved in this picture at all.

And because the friendly and helpful Yeh For Games! staff are TOTALLY AMERICANS, HELL YEH!, they offer services that no other inferior, foreign, ASIAN company can match. Like… actually playing the endgame for you.

We will ONLY respond in fluent English to incoming tells by fellow raid players to cooperate effectively in the instance. All other incoming whispers not relevant to the raid instance will not be responded.

See, this is the kind of service you get from America’s heartland. It makes me want to stand up, salute, and buy a T-shirt and/or classy thong.


So, if you must buy farmed gold, buy it from Yeh! For Games, the only gold farmers proud enough to not have a freakin’ clue what “Ni hao, Zhonguoren!” means. And, you know, ignorance is what MAKES US SO FREAKIN’ GREAT. YEH!