Yes, But What Does This Ad Have To Do With Shadowbane?

Finally, a revenue model for the still-actually-up-and-running Shadowbane:

The Test Server has been updated with a new patch. This patch includes the first update of Ubisoft’s new revenue model which contains an advertisement video when you log onto the game, log out of the game, and during the teleportation from death (resurrection screen). The advertisement video will not show more than once every 10 minutes so if you die a few times in a row within 10 minutes, you’ll only view one on the first death and then not till your next death that is 10 minutes or more from the last viewing.

“Feeling a little fatigued after your untimely gank? Try Ireikei Energy Drinks!”

Note: saw this on F13… can’t find any official confirmation but it seems legit.