Yes, but will it be balanced for PvP on release?

For those of you who think that every film, no matter how low budget, deserves its own multi-million dollar MMO project to enhance synergy, this one is for you:

Babysitter Wanted: The MMO.


“I’m extremely pleased with the deal we’ve made to produce the MMO,” commented Big Screen CEO, Kimberley Kates. “We are working with top notch developers and programmers who will adapt the most exciting and game worthy set pieces from our upcoming motion picture, ‘Babysitter Wanted.’ And the cross marketing potential for both the game and film is phenomenal.”

For those of you laughing at the thought of a Hollywood production company that proudly displays its 11c stock asking price on every page of its site tackling the Sisyphean task of launching a client-server application with thousands of simultaneous users, I bring you the wisdom of this veteran MMO developer:

The point is video games have become incredibly easy to create through the use of advanced API\’e2\’80\’99s. Carmack had it so incredibly hard making Doom and Quake because he didn\’e2\’80\’99t have these things (for the original version of Quake) to work with. What is an MMORPG? It’s a Quake type game with advance netcode.

And unlike GL-Jeff, if all else fails, Ms. Kates does have the resources of a well-known charitable organization to call on.

Note: Rowdy Roddy Piper’s RTS still isn’t out.