Yet Another Brief Programming Note

Yet Another Brief Programming Note
you know, people under the age of 40 probably don't know what this is.

We do these a lot, here at the toys that are broken

As part of a master plan to write more next year, I've moved platforms from Substack to Ghost. Substack has been fine for me in a purely technological sense, but in a year where it was quite clearly demonstrated that a frothing manchild could demolish the world's commons if he only had enough money, being on the same platform that subsidizes Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi (and Glenn Greenwald until he left for even more right-wing shores) was mildly disturbing.

Ghost also has the benefit of being both a Substack-like platform (easy to use, inexpensive to host) and also quite capable of being run on my own server if I want to finally take my ball and go home. In years gone by I would have definitely gone with that option, but one of the things about getting older is that you're quite willing to pay $9 a month for someone else to worry about backups and server routing.

Also, speaking of annoyances, since spammers apparently exploited my Wordpress instance again, and Ghost easily ingested the 25 years of blogging I've done, having it all under one hopefully more secure roof is helpful. Unless you're trying to sell dick pills on other people's blogs, in which case, it's not that helpful. Sorry!

A few of you have asked if there will ever be a paid newsletter, and a couple of mad lads even pledged to pay (because Substack apparently prompts for that, I guess?). Well, for now the answer is nyet – I often get distracted and wander off for months, only a few hundred subscribe which is miniscule in newsletter terms, and I don't actually need the money. If any of those change (and they'd probably all change simultaneously!) I'll let you know.