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Join the UO Customer eSupport Beta Test

Ultima Online Support receives thousands of email letters every day from UO players around the world. Our team works to answer your questions, concerns, suggestions, and calls for help about everything from account questions to house lockdowns to llamas and ostards. We’re always striving to find new ways to increase the level of customer service provided through our email support, and we’d like to ask your help in beta testing a new option.

The UO Customer eSupport System is a searchable knowledge base through which you can find answers to common questions about Ultima Online, browse frequently asked questions, send email, and rate the helpfulness of the information you find within the system. We are currently beta-testing this application and plan to release it to the public early next week. However, we can certainly use your comments and feedback! If you have a question or concern regarding Ultima Online, we hope you’ll take the time over the next several days to visit the eSupport System and try it out. Does it offer valid and timely answers to questions? Is it easy to navigate and understand? Would you use it again to find answer to your questions? Simply send us your comments and feedback using the new system – we’re interesting in hearing your opinions!

*aka Leilo’s Desk