Just a reminder: THE CONTEST IS STILL ON. YOU can win stuff. Yes, Australians can win, even though according to OSI they do not technically exist. Hell, even updaters for can win! (Although I probably would have to disqualify the main Twister, since he’d have to give me his mailing address and stuff, and he’s too l33t for that.)

Yes, there really is a cheesy game sitting on my desk that I will send to one possibly lucky person. But that’s not all! I’ve heard that Durga actually wants me to compile a list of lucky dating winners, so YOU CAN GET LUCKY with someone who is technically female! You heard it here first! PLUS, I’ve heard that when Calandryll heard about his prize, HE ROLLED HIS EYES AND GROANED! We’re not sure what that means, but we are encouraged!

So enter early… enter often… just ENTER, dammit. You only have 24 hours to win ALL THE MARBLES IN THE WORLD (or failing that, a cheesy game and/or other possibly fictional prizes).

To re-iterate:

We only have 24 hours left to push Scott “Stop Calling Me Samwise Goddamit” Kurtz’s “PvP” comic strip to #1 in the Popularity Poll. This calls for extreme measures.

This calls for bribery.

So, in that spirit of enough frenetic mercantilism to make a Ferengi’s ears wiggle, we at LumCo are running a contest. All you need to do to win is vote HERE. Just click the damn link, it’s not rocket science. Then, send me an email filling in the blank below that you see when you successfully vote (not that I don’t TRUST you or anything…)

Thank you for your votes!
Your votes will be used for _________________________, usually published on Mondays.

You can vote as many times as you can think up weird-ass email addresses (for the love of God, DON’T use your real email, unless you actually like getting email telling you about NEW MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES!) and each vote you get puts you that much closer to winning our valuable prizes.

Did I mention prizes? Oh yes, we have prizes. Oh yes.