You Damn Commies

Via Jeff Freeman, “everyone in the gaming industry is a social liberal“. (Crap, I missed the memo.)

Right now, for example, Bioware-Austin is hiring junior-level writers. I’m thinking about applying, because I have a lot of respect for Bioware’s consistent blend of strong action and strong stories. But I’ve read interviews lately in which the guys at Bioware-Canada (who are above Austin in the chain of command, I assume) say the only reason they didn’t write a homosexual romance story for Mass Effect is that they were constrained by time. As a faithful Catholic, I’d have to refuse if someone asked me to write a story condoning homosexual behavior (which is different than homosexual impulses). If it came to that, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was fired. Even if I wouldn’t be expected to write such a story, though, could I choose to be a part of an artistic work which includes advocacy against my own conscience?

Because, clearly, the only way that alternate viewpoints will ever make their way into the entertainment industry is to remain on the sidelines, pure and unsullied, lest you have to actually interact with people you disagree with politically. Then, free of unclean impulses and impure thoughts, you can, indie-style, make your own brave statement.

I eagerly await the Democratic surge of 2008, so conservatives will be forced to regroup in the wilderness out of power and, among many other things, stop being so goddamned whiny.