Well, yesterday was patch day for Everquest. Those lovable schmoes in the Class Balancing department (their coat of arms has a nerf gun on it somewhere) decided to “enhance” the Levitate spell.

You see, you used to be able to maintain levitation by recasting the spell. Which would make sense, so you wouldn’t fall into that ocean or pool of lava or whatever. Well, that was “enhanced”. Now, if you try to re-cast the spell, you get the message “You are already floating”.

Which means that if you need to do a corpse retrieval over lava, better hope you get there before the spell wears off… or you get to try again! Until you lose so many levels you can no longer cast levitate, anyway.

But it gets better. The bard Levitate song also works using the same principle. But since bard songs “pulse” on and off, you basically hop up and down. Song goes off, song pulses, you get the “You are already floating” message, you fall. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In Everquest, the true quest is to divine the motivation of the game designers, it seems…