While there is little in the way of confirmation from the hallowed halls of Verant Interactive, it would appear that “Italian d00d” has just joined the ranks of the DUH squad, Tallon Zek Division.


If you log into Verant’s guide boards and you aren’t a guide, you will be banned. This statement sounds like fifty pounds of common sense in a 5 pound sack, but believe it or not, people are honestly shocked, surprised, and dismayed to discover that it is, in fact, true. People’s Exhibit A:

“…ok well heres the whole story. I am musskik but i gave that account to a friend but I still know ezboard code. Just wanted to clear that up. I also know his password and station name.

Ok I am searching Aimster for everquest for some odd reason and this guy saved his mail from verant containing the password and login, sooooo i tried loggin on because well i didn’t think it was gonna work, it did. SOOOO being the total moron i am i posted it on tzt. Then later on i went to check my account and his account to see if there still up. And they were and now i went to try both and now there down, My friend is gonna be pissed.”


I found this password that is supposed to give me access to the Guide boards. So I logged into it. I was very surprised to find that it actually worked. So I did what anybody in my place would have done – I logged into a popular bulletin board and posted the password. And you know what Verant did? They actually BLOCKED my accounts and probably those of others who did the same. Where do they get off, huh? My friend will shortly be envigored with fomented ire.

For new Verant Customers about to board the short-bus to online gaming, please note the following addition to the Grand List of Things Patently Obvious But Somehow Beyond the Grasp of our Clients FAQ:

(5.a) Logging into the Guide boards is bannable.


Please note the following addition to the addition mentioned above:

(5.a.1) Guides will not be banned for this.