YOU WANT A PATCH? YOU GOTTA PAY [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

The Dennis-the-Menace of game development, Jeff Friedman, is at it again. As you may recall, it was his “company” that recently announced they were no longer developing an MMOG “Because of the lack of confidence game publishers have in the soon-to-be-flooded MMORPG market.” Instead, they would be developing a Real-Time-Strategy game, which I guess means that particularly crowded corner of the market has become rather roomy overnight. His fans were dissapointed, but not discouraged.

Now it seems that work on his fund-raising RTS has been put on hold so that he can devote time to programming new content to his web-based mouse-clicker, Race War Kingdoms; new content that PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR, TO THE TUNE OF $20, $50, AND EVEN $100 DOLLARS. For the love of GOD PEOPLE, I hope they are getting T-shirts. You can take a look at the “shopping list” of updates for yourself. Who knows, maybe you too would be willing to offer $100 in order to be able to USE AN IGNORE LIST, and join the growing number of SUPER-FANS of glitchless.

I know I sure did.