Some of you might recall an update a few days ago by Eldin about some strange weirdness on another site, only partially explained by being based in England.

Basically, someone named Sion had posted about UO factions a few days before Arcadian Del Sol did, and therefore Arcadian was a liar, a thief, a steenkin Trammel n00b, and he doesn’t let anyone dye stuff purple either (Sion’s last crusade, interestingly enough). Eldin has the whole strange and terrible writeup already if you are in need of a headache or something.

A cynical person might think that Sion engineered the whole thing to drive hits to his own site. A truly weirdly psychotic person might then brag about it. What I love about the MMORPG community – we can be cynical AND completely insane. At the same time. Take it away, whinging Pom…

It was a planned and calculated move directed at Arcadian and Eldin, as they are the most easy to wind up.

Eldin near died via email when I laughed at him asking if he had any more strings I could pull, they are my little puppets nothing more I asked them to dance they did, providing me with a much needed boost and chance to push more valid content.

To easy way to easy. it only took two posts on the news and two emails. I thought it would of taken more and had a few more cards to play but it turned out to be a walk in the park getting front page coverage at lums.

Why would anyone go to such, um, weird lengths to get front page placement on my once and future home of weird musings? Simple – pound notes. I’m told they’re almost like real money in some places. As Sion noted in response to a poster on our forums pointing out some choice almost-but-not-quite-in-English postings on the uochat boards:

All wave and say hello to this guy as he loves you all so much he has spent two days here copy and pasting URLs from here to there =). What he is doing is increasing my hit rates and traffic and making this page more and more viable to seek advertising and sponsorship on. So Rampart keep it up you are doing me a huge favour.

Wait a minute… you can make money? From advertising? On websites? While flying? With pet monkeys? I certainly hope someone lets me in on this super-secret no-risk way to capitalize on tiny classified ads!

Anyway, Sion is also engaged in talks with noted community leader and possible human being Baja Resident, so expect the advertising phat lewt to roll his way any second now.