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My name is Pete Baumann. and I own Pure Stroke Golf, established in

1996, in Yreka, CA. Prior to that, I owned Probe Custom Golf here in

Yreka, since 1987. I’ve never had a single complaint against either of these companies by my golf customers.

In October of 1999, I became involved with the internet for the first time, when my son asked me to back him in a computer game he had designed. I made several mistakes in doing so, primarily in believing in and trusting one Christopher Anderson in Joshua Tree, CA. He had indicated he could do everything we needed in a game programmer. It took me three months to find out he had lied to me, had defrauded my son and me, and the damage he has caused to my company, Red Dragon Software, has been tremendous. Regardless, Red Dragon software is proceeding in completing my son’s game.

This brings me to the reason I am sending you this mail. My troubles with Mr. Anderson have carried over to Pure Stroke Golf, in that customers and affiliates of Pure Stroke have come across derogatory comments about myself and Pure Stroke when they search “Pure Stroke Golf” on the internet. For example, if you go to “Yahoo”, then enter “Pure Stroke Golf”, you’ll find at least two “articles”, TALE OF THE DRAGON and $1,000 IN STOCK REWARD.

Why are these articles having to do with our problems at Red Dragon listed on the internet when golfers inquire about Pure Stroke? That’s a good question. The derogatory comments have to do with Red Dragon Software, and my son’s game, Rune Conquest, which is understandable, considering Mr. Anderson’s fraud. Nowhere is there a complaint against Pure Stroke Golf.

My attorney and I have come to the same conclusion. These two articles are listed because the individuals behind those articles are attempting to defame and slander my reputation, and the reputation of Pure Stoke Golf. These actions are deliberate, and have damaged my golf company.

What is interesting is that these individuals who complain that Rune Conquest is not completed and available to the public to play are the individuals who are responsible for the delays in completing the game. Why? Because Red Dragon’s money comes from Pure Stroke Golf, and interfering with Pure Stroke’s income also interferes with Red Dragon’s progress on the game! It’s that simple.

So who out there is behind the slander of Pure Stroke Golf and myself? Any suggestions as to who the culprits are would be appreciated. In the meantime, suspects are now being “discussed”, and a civil suit is being prepared. Included in the present list of Defendants are the following individuals and companies (with more to follow):

1. Everyone connected to and .

2. officers and affiliates.

3. officers / owners, Verio, Inc.

4. Dotster, Inc. /

5. Webtoys

6. Atomic Rhino Networks

7. XRGaming

8. Chris Anderson

9. Scott Jennings

We’re investigating other names as well. The major individual behind most of the companies listed is Scott Jennings (aka Lum – address and phone number removed. -Arc), with addresses for his other dba’s in other states as well. Other names of individuals are coming to light at this time, and will be included as named Defendants in our civil suit.

Some of the above-named individuals and companies will be notified of our impending civil suit, which will proceed in court if the aforementioned articles are not removed from the internet immediately. That includes Ezboard’s removal of the entire pub3.ezboard site, and the removal of the lumthemad article.

Anyone listed as a defendant above who feels they are unjustly accused and do not deserve to be included in our suit as a defendant may email me and plead their case.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Pete Baumann

Face Front, True Believers.