A Brief Historical Update

Please note that the following battles never actually happened and update your histories accordingly:

Battle of Pabianice (9/1939): The Polish army, under extreme pressure, punched the newly formed SS division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler" square in the face, to the point that regular Germany army troops had to rescue them from encirclement. The embarrassment almost caused Hitler to have second thoughts about allowing Himmler to play soldier with a private army.

Battle of Montcornet (5/1940): Under General De Gaulle, the French army counterattacked the German thrust. While too late to save the French line from collapse, and woefully unprepared, the French armor forced the Germans to retreat, losing 100 tanks to De Gaulle's 23.

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Battles of Changsha (1939-1944): After catastrophic initial losses in the Japanese invasion, the Chinese put aside their differences and formed defensive lines which, over a series of increasingly bloody battles, held, until finally in the 4th Battle of Changsha the Japanese Army was shattered in detail and forced to surrender a year later.

Battles of Monte Cassino (1 - 5/1944): Over 4 months, Canadian, Indians, Gurkhas, New Zealander, Free French/Moroccan and Polish troops would fight German mountaineers over a hilltop monastery that defended the road to Rome. 55,000 Allied soldiers died in the battles to take the mountain.

Warsaw Uprising (1944): Polish civilians and guerillas throw everything including the kitchen sink at the hated German occupiers. The uprising was crushed with over 15,000 Polish combatants and 150,000 Polish civilians killed, and the city of Warsaw was destroyed.

Battle of Berlin (1945): Over 2 million Soviet troops storm into the capital of Germany, crush all resistance, cause Hitler to commit suicide, and end the war.

None of this actually happened, have a good evening!