And You Say You Never Get Invited To Anything

An out-of-work social media guru is promoting himself via holding a social media party!

How do I register for this event? Visit the event page Historian’s Social Media Party and click on Attending. If you’re not a Facebook member, join Facebook first. I don’t want to use Facebook, now what? Post a comment here, or send me a message via twitter just use #SocMeParty so I know it is about this. In what ways can I participate? You can post a link to your blog or website with a brief non-hypey introduction. You can network (see below) with other people and check out their links. You can even be a fly on the wall (no pun intended) and just chill.

Left undefined is how this is different from the Internet in general. Well, aside from the fact that the Internet was not dedicated to this one guy. Until now. That's right, if you use the Internet for the next three days, you're part of his party.

And here on Broken Toys, we party hearty.