Another Dispatch From Snowpocalypse 2021

Update: starting to warm up here, luckily water and power are good.

The same can not be said for most of Austin. There are attempts to evacuate hospitals in progress, but there are nowhere for the patients to go as pretty much every hospital is in the same situation. The lack of potable water is far more crippling than power. Austin went on a boil water notice last night and remains under one, thanks to a key water treatment plant shutting down due to lack of power. For most Austin residents it's irrelevant as they cannot draw water, potable or otherwise, due to lack of water pressure in the system.

Grocery stores that can open are mostly sold out of everything thanks to transport being down. This will most likely persist for a while, along with the aftereffects of the water system breaking down. A city block in downtown Austin was shut down overnight thanks to a water main break and the water freezing immediately.

Basically, we are living in a third world country on the brink of total collapse, and our state leadership is utterly feckless and incompetent, reduced to running away (Cruz) or appearing on national right-wing media to nonsensically point the blame at Trump-hated wind power (Abbott). Every last one of them needs to resign but of course won't, and every last one of them will be re-elected.

One night in Cancun: Ted Cruz's disastrous decision to go on vacation  during Texas storm crisis - The Washington Post