Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

(strums guitar)

I'm not mad at Trump. He is a brute, an idiot, and suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. In retrospect, his being utterly unable to fake even a fragment of empathy for people who have died or been injured from a disease he is still suffering from is… predictable.

I am VERY mad -- no, mad minimizes how I feel, I am blindingly, screamingly furious -- at everyone surrounding him who is enabling this, who is encouraging a large minority of Americans to deny COVID-19 is dangerous. They are why I and others will be mocked when we wear masks - not to protect ourselves from others, but to protect others from us in case we are carriers - a point apparently too subtle or too pointlessly empathetic for them.

Tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people will die because of this complete moral failure. This utter evil that goes beyond any political argument, any hot take on social media, any election. A great many people are going to die and it could have been stopped and it should have been stopped. And now it most likely cannot, no matter who wins the election, because one of our two major parties has decided it is more important to grasp at power today than to look their children in the eye next year. And I am most likely giving them far too much credit; they are, based on the past weekend's events, too far gone. There is just a void where basic empathy and humanity to others should be.

Anyway, here's your fucking Wonderwall.