Be Careful For Which You Wish

Be Careful For Which You Wish

So many of the arguments I'm seeing in favor of/against the Democratic candidates make me wonder if anyone actually remembers the 2016 election.

Just as one example, Elizabeth Warren supporters (of which I'm one, mind you) like to say that one of her greatest strengths will be how she is in debates based on how she utterly reduced Bloomberg to ashes. "Imagine her doing that to Trump! Everyone will see how stupid he is and he'll lose the election!"

Except... Clinton did, repeatedly. Trump is incredibly, powerfully stupid in debates, taking nonsensical positions, having the body presence of a poorly behaved sex offender, breathing so heavily people speculate what drugs he's currently on, and thinks intoning "no puppet... no puppet... you're the puppet" into the microphone while his opponent is speaking is some kind of sick burn.

I need not remind you who is currently President.

We cannot afford to make the same mistakes of thinking "all we have to do is unmask the Trump and we'll win!" That was tried and it failed. People need something positive to support, a campaign which addresses the structural problems making their lives worse. And right now the only candidates doing this are Sanders and Warren.

Nominating Biden or Bloomberg will simply be the definition of insanity - doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a better result.