Class War Is Classy

Class War Is Classy

2nd amendment defenders/NRA lobbyists/etc: gun rights are the last line of defense against a government run riot! We're Americans, we're REBELS! This is what we DO!

Me, seeing the future:

  • some guy killing 4 cops when they serve him an eviction notice because his mortgage jacked the interest up where he couldn't pay
  • some guy killing 5 people because he doesn't have a paycheck any more because he couldn't pay his student loans
  • some gal who furnished her house on credit and thanks to usurious interest rates it ballooned to the point she couldn't pay any more and the bill collectors just kept calling

I can go all day. Recognize any yet?

Class war ain't pretty. We stopped it at the turn of the 20th century by giving union rights and the 8 hour day. Now the right wing thinks unions smell funny and the 8 hour day is for suckers. Meanwhile our national income is monopolized by fewer and fewer.

It's getting so lining up the 1% for guillotines is the BEST option. (We already gave up on giving the 99% scraps from the table -- that's apparently a horrible thing that can never happen ever, we need to lower taxes on the wealthiest MORE instead.)

You don't want the worst option. History is illustrative. I know - research is hard for you, random CEO who happens to be reading this. You never took any humanities courses in college because they were for losers. You have assistants who give you the gist in printouts. Here, let me help.

It will be very, very ugly.